Criminal Defense Lawyer


Why would I need to have the best criminal defense attorney in Indiana? A number of reasons. I have had some interactions with the criminal justice system. And when you need a good lawyer, it’s best to find one that’s willing to provide you a zealous defense.

What Makes a Great Defense Lawyer

Attorneys defend the rights of all sorts of criminals, from drug dealers to murderers. Although the public may view them with disdain — particularly if they win cases for their clients criminal defense counsel have an important role in the criminal justice process. It is every Americans right to have a fair and speedy trial. It’s the defense attorney’s responsibility to see that a fair trial happens for their client.  There are certain traits that every lawyer needs to have in order to be successful, and here they are.

  • Research skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Perseverance
  • Analytical skills
  • Education and Wisdom
  • Communications
  • Understands Law Enforcement

And most important, a great criminal defense lawyer needs to care.