A source for black news in Indianapolis.

indianapolis black news sourceBlack News in Indianapolis has a new face.

Indianapolis is known for a thriving black community for quite some time. Indianapolis was the home of the first female millionaire, Madame C.J. Walker. So black news in Indianapolis has always been around. Indianapolis is the home of black news outlets like the Indianapolis Recorder, the fourth oldest African American newspaper. Black news in Indianapolis has been around for quite a while. I remember reading an article

News about black people in Indianapolis has a digital twist. By millennials.

Blackindylive.com, a burgeoning Indianapolis online news source, has become the place to see online news about all things black, police killings, events even a business directory. News online is the way to spread information quickly.

When the people have access to information, pretty cool things happen. See: Revolutionary War. I love the trend of digital content. It makes the internet experience that much better. As of recent the Indianapolis Recorder appears not to have the best interest of the African American news in mind.