skills that millionaires must master

Skills Millionaires Must Master | Darrin Marion. Motivational Speaker

There is a gentleman named Patrick Bet David. Pat runs an insurance agency, one that he and his wife built from the ground up. And when I say UP, I mean REAALLY UP. They’ve built a multimillion dollar insurance agency and brokerage, PHP or People Helping People. Tremendous.

On to Millionaire Mastery Skills.

Patrick runs a vlog, well, really a YouTube Channel, Valuetainment. On the channel not only does he vlog, he does interviews and so on. This is a video that he recently released, titled, “Skills Millionaires Must Master“. I figure that if I were to blog about something, this probably would qualify. Here are the skills, with a time stamp for each skill. Hope you enjoy, I certainly did.

1: Persuasion – 4:00

2: – Reading People — 6:00

3: Sharing the Wealth – 8:04

4: Leverage – 11:03

5: Recruiting – 12:57

6: Energy Management – 14:15

7: How to Process Issues 16:07

8: Time Management – 17:10

9: How to Manage Money – 19:37

10: How to Be Aggressively Patient — 21:26

11: Learning – 24:12