Secret Shopper Companies

You may be interested in Secret shopper opportunities. Here is a real list of companies that provide secret shopper companies:

Alot of the time secret shopper opportunities are fake like this fake secret shopper program. If you want to be a secret shopper, use the real guys.

Signs of a Secret Shopper Scam

A secret shopper scam can be easy to pick out. Here are some of the signs that you have been “recruited” for a secret shopper scam. They are as follows:

  • If anyone ever tells you to deposit a check, withdraw money, and send it to someone, that’s a scam. When the check later turns out to be fake, the bank will want the money back.
  • If anyone tells you to go buy gift cards and share the PIN numbers, that’s a scam, too. Once the scammer has the PIN, they also have all the money from the cards.

Those are just two of the most common tell-tale signs that you’ve been a secret shopper scam target. Don’t be a victim. Play it smart. You can easily detect what’s going on if you use good old fashioned common sense.

Check Out the Real Secret Shopper Companies

Real secret shopping does exist, and hopefully, you’ll get signed up with the most reputable companies. They can often be located on the Mystery Shopper Association website. Companies are willing to pay people to evaluate their business. You can get paid too.