A Misrepresented People…Including Robert E. Lee

This is a shout out to the fans of Robert E. Lee. Robert E. Lee

Right now in Charlottesville, VA the place is erupting. Why? Over the tearing down of the Robert E. Lee Memorial on the University of Virginia’s campus. He is being “misrepresented” by a group of idiots. I can attest to my personal misrepresentation experience by the government of the State of Indiana.

How is Robert E Lee Being Misrepresented?

The definition of the word Misrepresent as given by Webster’s Dictionary is as follows: give a false or misleading account of the nature of. “you are misrepresenting the views of the government”

Synonyms of the word Misrepresent : give a false account, misreport, misquote, quote/take out of context, misinterpret, put a spin on, skew, warp, falsify, distort, misstate, exaggerate.

Those who are fighting to maintain the memories of the Confederate States of America’s war heroes, are actually misrepresenting those men and women. They were not heroes in the slightest. The monuments dedicated to the heroics of the CSA, must be put where they are deserved. As a traitorous people they were willing to not only die for, but to also kill to keep the institution of chattel slavery in place.

The memories of those men are seen in the faces of every descendant of slavery in the United States of America. Let that be the memory of their crimes against humanity. To hell with those that supported our “peculiar institution”. Take the monuments that celebrate men like Robert E. Lee down. Forever.