Intraracism is gonna be here for a while. Dang.

What is intraracism?

In the early and mid twentieth century, intraracism was based on skin hues, where light-skinned persons were treated better and thought to be more privileged than dark-complexioned black people. I like to remind people about the “brown bag test“. A brown paper bag was the measure that often was the measure that would either allow or deny access. Something that was a holdover from the days of slavery. That bias is called intra meaning same as opposed to inter which denotes as different.

Intraracism at traditionally HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) was due to external pressures of government in the South. More than likely, those same government entities were run by the same Democrats that consistenty opposed legislation against lynching.

According to Professor Joy Williamson-Lott,  “Part of it was because they were under duress. The other more generous reading is that these were usually men running a black institution in a white supremacist society. And so keeping the doors of their institution open and allowing black people to crack the middle class was a way to fortify the black community. Some saw their role as making very strategic concessions. Others just made concession concessions.”

grambling fought intraracismI’m more than proud to say that my alma-mater, Grambling State University was at the forefront of breaking down the strongholds of colorism in the South. I

In today’s era however, things are a bit different. Intraracism is no longer driven by color-ism of any significant sorts. The intraracism of today, is primarily based on social status. At least that’s in my humble opinon. Yes, my opinon.

I’d like to see a study that addresses forms of discrimination of minorities use on each other. One on Intraracism.

A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation that addressed discrimination in America appeared to me to be a bit biased.

More than half of Black Americans and a third of Hispanic Americans say they’ve been treated unfairly because of their race or ethnicity in the past month alone, and some report being victims of racial discrimination that denied them opportunities in housing or in the workplace. At a time when more than half of Black Americans report some personal connection with the prison system, the vast majority say the criminal justice system as a whole favors Whites over Blacks. Meanwhile, White Americans are less likely than Black Americans to see racism as a big problem in this country, and more likely to say that individual behavior and bias is a bigger problem than institutional discrimination.willie lynch letter intraracism at its finest

The term black on black, white on white, or brown on brown is usually followed by the word crime. I wonder. Are they considering things such as intraracial discrimination a crime? Just a thought.