Herpetology- The Study of Lizards

Recently, I was on an episode of a show called Real Spill with a brother called DS1 or Sheepstaysleep. He’s a brother, 33 years old. He is a thinking brother who told me in the course of our interview that he wanted to be a Herpetologist when he grew up, but ended up going into the world of business instead. I went and found this book on the study of Herpetology, and am going to host it on my site as long as I have this site. Bro. DS1, I hope you refer back to this site, whenever you want to look up some shit on lizards. 🙂 BTW, check out my appearance on his show. We didn’t talk about Darrin Marion the Motivational Speaker, we spoke about Darrin Marion Head of Ratel SEO. Here’s check out: Darrin Marion on SheepStaySleepTV