Today at the barbershop, I had a very intriguing philosophical, theological discussion. Only like the ones that occur amongst black men when we congregate. Damn near any black man can feel comfortable at the barbershop. IJS. Anyway, we spoke about the Tower of Babel and how, “communication rules the nation”. But what is communication really? That’s when one of the brothers said, “communication is comprehension. When we comprehend one another, we are able to understand. That’s when we communicate.JULIA ROBERTS

On to Julia Roberts…

Fast forward to later this evening, after my daughters side by side concert, really cool concept, we got back in the house, then we heard about the Julia Roberts playing Harriet Tubman. I asked my kids what did they think about that. They said, “that would’ve been so racist!”. I then told them about Judge Joe Brown’s statement about Harriet Tubman not being the first ADOS ancestor to grace our currency. Why couldn’t it have been a black man? That prompted another, more heated debate, the kind you can have with two teenagers. Comprehension. And that’s what I want to talk about today.harriet tubman