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Should I begin as a college motivational speaker?motivational speakers indianapolis indiana darrin marion

I think that I could be a fantastic motivational speaker in my hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. I know that motivational speaking isn’t for everyone and the inspirational speaker needs to have a story that inspires action. I know that after all of the wild experiences I had in college. Yes I went to Grambling State University, what’s a bit different about my college education is that I spent time playing football at Indiana University, yup, I was both a Tiger and a Hoosier (whatever that is!). I think with a little work,, me, Darrin Marion, I’d be one of the best motivational speakers Indianapolis has to offer.


I could be the best college motivational speaker. Ever.

Definitely one of the BEST MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS INDIANAPOLIS has to offer. Ever. I’m motivated.

I would be the best college motivational speaker in the State of Indiana. I definitely know that I would be the best motivational and the most inspirational speaker in the Traders Point area. I’m just sayin’. 😉 As a matter of fact I remember being a Red Ribbon Ambassador at Pike High School. I’m a

motivational speakers indianapolis indiana darrin marion college motivational speaker indiana motivational speaker indianapolis

child of a single parent, I had a full ride scholarship from Jackson State University, later, I transferred to Grambling. Moving from Indiana to a place like Jackson State University… Man talk about a culture shock. I had to get out of that place.

What is a motivational speaker anyway?

A motivational speaker is the kind of person that both asks and tries to provide the answer to a few questions. Whose lives do you want to change as an inspirational public speaker?  What are you passionate about?  Is there a topic that you can talk about day after day and still be enthusiastic about? What can I talk about as a black man in Indianapolis that is uniquely distinct. Man, I love my Indianapolis community, I think this would be a fantastic decision.

I have a friend that’s an African American male keynote speaker. I have some very strong opinions as a black business owner. We, black businesses, have a difficult time in so many ways. I actually had a conversation with a gentleman today, he told me that I should run for office, I laughed. Then I said, ain’t no way. I love hip hop waay too much. Hahaaha!

What is a keynote speaker?

There is a bit of difference between a keynote speaker and a motivational speaker. Generally a keynote speaker is tasked with giving a speech at a formal event. A keynote speech,  sets the overall tone and context for the event. A speech at a graduation, also known as a commencement speech, is as a keynote speech. At Grambling, I am fortunate enough to say that the keynote speaker at my graduation was president Bill Clinton. Fan or not, that is a significant event to occur at a traditionally HBCU.

An inspirational coffee shop story.

I remember when I first opened my shop, Darrin’s Coffee in Zionsville, also known as “The Best Coffee Shop in Indianapolis“,right on Main Street, I didn’t have anything to start my business with except 6lbs of coffee and a popcorn popper. I know if someone wanted to find a motivational keynote speaker they would love to pick up me for all of the wild experiences that I’ve had in my life. I know that I’ve been asked in the past to speak at a Motivational Speakers Indianapolis event. I think. I turned it down. I was kinda nervous. Well, very nervous.

motivational speakers indianapolis indiana darrin marion motivational speaker

I was told that more than likely I would be the most inspirational speaker in Indianapolis, Indiana. All because of the obstacles that I’ve faced and have managed to overcome. I know that I listened to some of the best motivational speakers I could find on a daily basis. People like Les Brown, Tony Robbins and Jesus. ( I don’t know Jesus’ website, per se, but is probably a good start.) Yes, I believe that Jesus was probably the best motivational speaker to walk the Earth.

The Indianapolis Speakers bureau. Is that the place to start?

I was looking online for Indianapolis public speakers and I found the Indiana Speakers Bureau. There and Toastmasters International seem to be the best place to start. I was told that to be a great motivational and inspirational speaker, I needed to posses the following skills:

  1.  Always, always, always focus on improving as an inspirational speaker rather than immediate results.
  2. People want to be inspired by a really great speaker that is good at what they do. There’s only one way to become really great at something is to practice.
  3. Always continue to learn as much as I can to perfect my craft as a motivational speaker.
    1. Learn from the greats, and use continuing educational resources, like Toastmasters or the Indianapolis Speakers Bureau.
    2. Produce something of value. If you think about it, people are paying you to be inspired. Well. You might as well be inspirational, definitely a bit beyond an inspirational quote. Remember your job is to be an inspirational speaker!


So here I come. Indianapolis and Indiana Motivational Speakers. Get Ready, the Best Motivational Speaker in Indiana, with an inspirational motivational story, is coming soon.



Ready (sort of) to speak in Indianapolis, Zionsville, Brownsburg, Avon, Carmel,.. Basically anywhere in Indiana.